Top 5 Ways to Organize a Hassle-Free Wine Tasting Event

Wine tasting events during the holiday season are an enchanting social affair which brings together wine aficionados from all over. The task of judging the quality of a wine based on appearance, aroma, taste, and so on might seem simple but it is not and so is the case for organizing such high-scale wine tasting events.While organizing such an event, you need to decide the type of wine tasting that you want to organize. The event can be based on a variety of standards. Some of them are mentioned below:• Horizontal Wine Tasting
• Vertical Wine Tasting
• Wine and Cheese Tasting
• Wine and Chocolate TastingDesign a Tasting Card for Your EventYou can place a tasting card with the glass of wine to give the tasters some information regarding the product to be tasted. This card should also contain details regarding:• The type of the wine they are tasting
• The name and location of the vineyard where it was produced
• The year it was made
• Other important features of the wineThe tasters should be encouraged to write their views on the wines. To make things more interesting, have your guests rate the wine tasted by them.Promote Your Event to Maximize AttendanceIncreased attendance helps to bring in more life to any wine tasting event. The key to maximizing attendance for an event, in turn, lies in its perfect promotion. The online event registration software provides the opportunity to promote your event in a professional way. It makes use of the social media websites to inform all and sundry about the occasion. This helps to attract new attendees. Besides, the software also sends emails and RSVPs to the existing base of participants to ensure the event is successful.Create a Guest ListCreating a guest list is one of the most important things that you need to do while organizing any event. A wine tasting event is no exception. Chalk out a final guest list from the initial drafts containing the names of those in the existing base of attendees and the potential participants. Use the online registration software to send them invitations and RSVPs for the event.Let People Register 24×7 through Web-based PlatformOnline event registration software can do wonders when it comes to signing up attendees for an event. Use it to provide instant registration with real-time authorization to attendees. Moreover, go green by doing away with the use of paper. Attendees can sign up at their convenience as the registration form can be accessed 24×7 and from any location. Apart from these, the online registration system lets attendees sign up as a group.Two Special Tips Only for YouHere are two tips only for you to add the extra bit to make your wine tasting event a talk of the town.• Start the event with the younger wines and slowly move on the vintage ones to help your attendees savor the taste.• Provide plain bread and butter between two types of wines to help your guests savor the true taste of the next wine tasted by them.Follow the tips and tricks shared to organize a successful wine tasting event.

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